Channel letter signs are individual letters that are created using a formed metal casing and a translucent face. Typically the signs are illuminated from the inside by either LED lights or neon lights for older signage. The letters can be mounted individually on the exterior wall for a very clean and professional look or on a raceway if the letters are spaced very closely or the customer/landlord requests the sign to be done this way to reduce the amount of holes drilled into the wall.

LED Channel letters are the most reliable way to illuminate a sign. Not all LED lights are created the same. Some sign makers use older technology LEDs due to their lower cost that do not have the brightness we typically use.

Your channel letter sign can be made in any font, color or size imaginable. Channel letter signs have a lot of “attention grabbing power” because they can be seen from great distances (if done right) and on a busy street will bring thousands and thousands of impressions. Please call 310-259-2527 or contact us for a quotation!