Office Signage Los Angeles


Where corporate identity is concerned, the company logo along with the different types of office signage Los Angeles, are the visually communicative symbols that convey who you are, and what you have to offer. This is how your clients or customers identify you, and what products or services you provide. It stands to reason then, that you can easily communicate your marketing message while ensuring the enhancement of your company image, with the type of office signage that you utilize.


The Impact of Office Signage


One of the most significant impacts that office signage Los Angeles has is brand promotion and name recognition. When your clients have an appointment at your office, they will have a sense of what your company does the moment they set foot in your lobby, and/or are approaching the receptionist’s desk. Along with the interior design and your office furniture, your signage will not only create an interesting and progressive look, it will generate a lasting impression of who you are and what you do. This will also enhance your company image in the process.


You will find that commercial, corporate, and retail applications commonly utilize interior office signage Los Angeles. To say the least, the value of this type of signage is underrated. Imagine trying to navigate through a shopping mall with no directional signage in place. How would you find a store that carries what you are looking for? What if you walked into a hospital needing to find the Emergency Room and there were no signs to direct you to it? An interior office signage program will ensure that your brand and products, or services, will be properly conveyed.


When your employees and visitors walk into your business they will notice your office signage before the architectural design of your building and your office furniture. Plus a beautiful logo will make your business stand out from your competitors. Remember, your logo serves as your corporate identity and it can speak volumes about who you are and what you do. No matter if it’s an appointment with an important client, a corporate meeting, or an interview, the look and feel of your office signage Los Angeles will help to set the tone for those occasions.


3 Basic Types of Office Signage


Your office signage reflects your attention to detail, the longevity of your company, and the quality of your business. This is why a dynamic office signage program plays a significant role in the way your clients or customers perceive you and your company. This is where our company can help you. One of our consultants can sit down and help you customize an interior signage program that best suits your needs. Furthermore, it’s an ideal way to organize your office so that people do not see it as a chaotic environment.


When you think of the many lobby and office signage Los Angeles choices that are available today, you probably have visions of signs that have been installed for the purpose of alerting people to who you are, and what your business is all about. Any successful company has (most likely) figured out how important their signage program is. More importantly, they know that there are different signs that serve different functions or purposes. For instance:


ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signage identifies specific areas within a building such as the exits, restrooms, and stairwells that are in compliance with these specific regulations. Plus they inform their visitors as to the accessibility features of the office or retail building.


Dimensional wall signage increases your visibility by grabbing a client’s or customer’s attention as they pass by. Most importantly, this type of signage enables a business to define its space within an office building, and at the same time, delivers your marketing message and promotes your company.


Directional signage enables your visitors to easily find their way around your office. When these signs are highly visible and placed properly, your clients or customers will have no problem finding the areas they are looking for with ease. Among the important areas in your office building, directional signage designates where conference rooms, exits, restrooms, and stairwells are located.


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