Logo & Signage Design

design1Imagine a company offering world-class graphic design. Your logo is epic. Your sign pops. Your packaging, website and all promotional materials rock. Let Fine Signs of LA create a logo that engages your consumers upon first glance, and will be a design that also translates superbly for your exterior signage. We carefully design graphics and signage that will demand the attention of your target demographic and maximize your exposure.

Whether you’re going for a design that is minimalist, whimsical, serious or avant-garde, we’ve got you covered. We take great pride in creating a customized and sophisticated graphics package that will fit your distinct personality and corporate identity.

From Fortune 500 corporations to small startups, our design team will bring your ideas to life and help launch your brand into the stratosphere. Your name will shine bright in lights in your amazing new outdoor electrical signage and you’ll remember the day it all started by picking up the phone and calling the amazing team at Fine Signs of LA!