Rock'N Fish (Manhattan Beach) - Custom Channel Letters With Neon Bulbs

Rock'N Fish is a seafood and steakhouse restaurant located in Manhattan Beach. This sign features channel letters with red neon.

Fine Signs Of LA has fabricated both the Downtown Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach Rock'N Fish. Both signs feature channel letter signs. Channel letter signs are individual letters that are created using a formed metal casing and a translucent face. The letters will either house LED bulbs or neon bulbs, in this case it is neon. 

Neon signs are very attractive to the eye and really pop out against a dark background. We began bending neon by hand over 40 years ago, and now use the latest state of the art equipment for creating amazing neon signs in a dazzling array of colors.  LED bulbs are also a very popular choice with channel letters. Click here to read more about our state of the art LED technology.

The client requested that there be a clear piece of material be placed over the face of these letters. This was done to prevent any animals from nesting inside the letters and damaging the neon bulbs within. Maintainence of your sign, whether big or small, will ensure the longevity of your sign. Along with fabrication and installation, Fine Signs Of LA can provide maintence service to your sign. Please click HERE for more information about sign maintaince.