Cabinet Box Signs, also referred to as “Box Signs” are typically rectangular but can be made in any shape. The inside of the box contains typically contains fluorescent or LED lights that illuminate the box and shine through a translucent face which would contain the graphics for your business. Cabinet boxes are very common and often times a customer may utilize a channel letter sign in addition to a cabinet sign. 

Fine Signs of LA is a leading LED sign manufacturer in the Los Angeles area based out of the South Bay and we always use cutting-edge LEDs in our signage. For cabinet signs we strongly recommend using LED lights instead of flourescent bulbs or neon. Click here to learn more about the high quality LED bulbs we use in our signs and why our signs shine brighter and last longer then our competition!

Custom shape cabinet box sign. Made from a custom mold. Illuminates from inside. 

Long round cabinet box sign. Blue with white lettering that illuminates from the inside

Elongated oval cabinet box sign. Red with white letter that illuminates from the inside.

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