The Strand House (Manhattan Beach) Reverse Channel Letter Sign

The Strand House is an upscale casual eatery in the heart of Downtown Manhattan Beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are 3 reverse channel letter signs on this building.

The Strand House sign features custom black aluminum reverse channel letters. Reverse channel letters are also referred to as "halo lit" letters as a result of the light shining from behind giving the halo effect. This effect is achieved by placing the LEDs inside each letter. When the lights turn on, they give the halo lit effect.

There are three signs on this building. Two with black letters on the top sides of the building and one with white letters at the buildings enterance. (Click the photos to enlarge)

The Strand House in Manhattan Beach, California is a restaurant that prides itself on creating a unique dining experience by providing world class dishes and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The "image" of their restaurant is that of luxury and their intent was to have a sign that supports their image. For this reason, the client chose reverse channel letters.

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