Shell Station (Santa Monica) - Custom Illuminated Cabinet Box Sign

This Shell gas station is located in Santa Monica, California off of Lincoln BLVD, one of the busiest streets in the entire city. This is an LED illuminated cabinet box sign with a red, white, and yellow translucent face. 

Cabinet box signs are usually rectangular but they can be made in any shape. They are referred to as "box signs" as well. This sign contains LED lights that illuminate from inside the box and shine through a translucent face made of lexan with the graphic of the business on the front. Click here to learn more about our state of the art LED technology.

When this project was in the planning stages, the client told us that he wanted this sign to be just as effective during the day when the LEDS were off as during the night the sign was illuminated. For this reason, we added a black outline to the letters in the center portion of the sign. Doing so creates contrast and makes the yellow letters pop in contrast with the red. 

Since this sign is on the side of one of the busiest roads in Santa Monica, the client wanted a minimalistic design. Our team of designers came up with a layout that would be simple and easy to read by motorists passing in their vehicles. With just a quick glance at this sign, you understand exactly what the sign is trying to convey.

Cabinet boxes are very common and often times a customer may utilize a channel letter sign in addition to a cabinet sign. The team at Fine Signs of LA is ready to help you make your next sign please call (310)-425-3382 for a free quote today!