Rock & Brews (Redondo Beach) - Multiple Signs Including a Custom Architectural Sign

Rock & Brews is a rock 'n roll themed eatery owned the KISS bassist, Gene Simmons. With locations in The Riviera Village of Redondo Beach and Downtown El Segundo California, a truly unique sign was needed to bring this establishment to life. 

Rock & Brews was a great challenge for our team of designers and fabricators. Drawing from the theme of the restauraunt, our team was able to create a sign that fit perfectly with the rock 'n roll vibe. This was accomplished by the use of trussing to support the sign itself. Trussing, similar to what you would see at a concert. 

This sign featured exposed neon letters (ROCK & BREWS) as well as reverse channel letters (PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY). In the image below you can see each individual neon bulb inside the channel letters. Pay special attention to the detail of the neon inside the trebel cleff. We use precision equipment to bend the neon bulbs to fit each specific logo to ensure consistency among multiple signs. 

Along with the sign above they wanted to create another sign for the side of the building that would communicate the feel of the restauraunt. Keeping true to the theme the client wanted to use an electric guitar. Our team of skilled artists were able to come up with the design to the left. The electric guitar with wings protruding from the back and the name above.  This is pan channel sign, where the whole sign is one piece.  

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