Custom Signs are our specialty at Fine Signs of LA. Whether you’re looking for channel letters in a special font, or a really interesting glow effect for a reverse channel letter setup, we can make anything happen. Our custom signs stand out and that’s why we have repeat customers who come to us over and over againevery time they open a new location.  Call (310)-259-2527 for a quote.

Fine Signs of LA is a leading LED sign manufacturer in the Los Angeles area based out of the South Bay and we always use cutting-edge LEDs in our signage. For your sign we strongly recommend using LED lights instead of flourescent bulbs or neon. Click here to learn more about the high quality LED bulbs we use in our signs and why our signs shine brighter and last longer then our competition!

Blade signs are signs are protrude from the front of the store building. Commonly seen in outdoor shopping malls.

Cabinet Box Signs are typically rectangular but can be made in any shape. The inside of the box contains typically contains fluorescent or LED lights. 

Neon signs are are very bright and colorful. The neon is typically bent into the form of the businesses logo.

Channel letter signs are individual letters that have a metal casing and translucent front. 

Reverse Channel Letter signs illuminate from the back as to make the letters appear to be floating on a wall.

Non-Illumiated Channel Letter signs do not glow at all. They are commonly seen in areas that have an abundance of light.

Halo Channel Letter Signs are a combination of a channel letter signs that illuminate from the front and the back. 

Dimensional letters are typically cut out of metals such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Copper and give a beautiful design. 

We Rise Up to Any Challenge

No matter how big or small your sign project is, we have the right designers, project managers, fabricators and installers for the project. Trust our expertise to get the job done right.