Neon signs are very attractive to the eye and really pop out against a dark background. We began bending neon by hand over 40 years ago, and now use the latest state of the art equipment for creating amazing neon signs in a dazzling array of colors. Call (310)-259-2527 for a quote on your custom neon sign and let the masters at Fine Signs of LA create your next neon masterpiece.

Fine Signs of LA is a leading LED sign manufacturer in the Los Angeles area based out of the South Bay and we always use cutting-edge LEDs in our signage. For blade signs we strongly recommend using LED lights instead of flourescent bulbs or neon. Click here to learn more about the high quality LED bulbs we use in our signs and why our signs shine brighter and last longer then our competition!

Exposed orange neon inside channel letters painted red to illuminate red background.

Intricate neon sign with multiple types of gas to illuminate in 6 different colors.

Oyster Bar Seafood

Exposed neon letters with built in blade sign.

Retro design neon sign.

Lucky 7 Stores

Custom neon logo sign.