Blue Salt Fish Grill (Torrance) - Reverse Channel Letters And Custom LED Logo Box

Blue Salt Fish Grill is located in Torrance California. It is an eatery serving up a variety of grilled seafood choices, salads, and tacos. This sign features reverse channel letters with a custom LED illuminated logo box. 

The Blue Salt Fish Grill sign features custom reverse channel letters made from black aluminium. Reverse channel letters are also called "halo lit" letters and this sign does an excellent job portraying the halo effect (notice the white light coming from behind each letter). This gives the illusion that the letters are floating on the wall. This effect is achieved by mounting the letters with a gap between each letter and the wall and placing LEDs within each letter.

There are two signs on this building. The main sign is the longer sign on top of the store front. This building is on the corner of a shopping center and the client requested a second sign so that motorist driving beside the restaurant would be able to see their sign. The sign pictured above is on the side of the building which faces the road. In addition to the letters, the client also wanted a way to portray the fact that this is a seafood restaurant. The fish that is pictured is part of the Blue Salt Fish Grill brand and the client wanted it to illuminated brightly beside the letters. The fish is a channel letter logo sign. We were able to take their design and fabricate a 3D sign. The logo sign is also made from aluminum and contains white LED lights with a white and blue translucent face. In addition to glowing from within, the logo sign also has reverse channel lights giving off the halo effect. 

The client also requested two signs to be placed on the monument sign in front of the shopping center. One on either side of the sign (pictured left). Using multiple different signs and multiple angles, this client was able to maximize visibility and usefulness. No matter which way you are driving, you are sure to see the Blue Salt Fish Grill Sign brightly and brilliantly illuminated.

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