LA Art Exchange (Santa Monica) - Reverse Channel Letter Sign

The LA Art Exchange is an art dealer and custom framing business based in Santa Monica, California. This sign features black aluminium letters with white LED's creating the glow behind each letter.

Reverse channel letter signs create the illusion that the letters are floating on the wall. These signs are sometime called "halo lit" or "halo" signs because of the effect given by the reverse channel lighting. The letters are mounted away from the wall with a gap so a halo shows behind the letter, hence the "halo lit" term. These signs capture the attention of all passing by.

To prevent any animals from nesting within the letter, a clear poly-carbonate sheet is attached to the back of each letter. The clear material protects the LEDs within and allows the light to come through and shine brilliantly. Click here to read more about our state of the art LED technology.

Reverse channel letters are often used by clients who want to portray a prestigous or luxurious image. L.A. Art Exchange is an art dealer, and it made sense for them to choose a more prestigious sign such as reverse channel letters as opposed to a neon sign. The type of sign you have says a lot about your business. Our team at Fine Signs of LA is ready to assist you in making the perfect sign for your business. Call (310)-425-3382 for your free quote today.